Tyler Cook attacks the rim in a Summer League NBA game

Letter To My Younger Self- Tyler Cook


Dear TC,

I’m proud of you. You are far from perfect, far from where you should be, and far from where you will be. I’m proud of you, nonetheless. 

You let love guide you. Love for those around you, Love for the game, Love for the Lord. You stand in the midst of many storms but continue to find the eye of each one. You always find peace where very few do at your age. 

You’re more than you see in the mirror. You’ve been tried and tested. These scars you acquire now are what is going to qualify you later. Some of the most challenging times are still ahead, but you were born a conqueror, and are becoming a warrior so stop worrying. There is nothing you’ll face that you aren’t bigger than. 

I’m proud yes, but you have to be better. 

Stop feeling like you have to fit in when you’re made to stand out. 

You’re looking for approval in the wrong places kid, God’s check mark is more important than Instagram’s. 

Take pride in what you’ve been blessed with and stop looking for what you don’t. Your tools are different, that doesn’t mean you can’t get the job done. 

Your life is about to change in a few short years, but you shouldn’t. The world is going to try to get you to value things that aren’t important. That same love that you lived with and that same love that drove you before should continue to drive you for the rest of your life, because a peaceful spirit is more valuable than a full bank account. 

What good are you if you’re no good to others? Use what the Lord has given you to impact lives other than your own.

Help somebody else eat. 

Everyday, brighten someone else’s. 

You’re not made to shine light of your own, you are called to reflect His. 

You are built for greatness, never doubt that, continue to learn, continue to grow, and continue to live for the Lord. 


With Love,


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