MY CITY NEEDS ME- Jordan Rayner

Author: Jordan Rayner (Founder/President of Ball4All)


To Whom It May Concern,

The ‘My City Needs Me’ campaign is about rehabbing our city, our youth, and our culture.  It is about inspiring our community to fight the negativity and violence that has taken place in the city of St. Louis and giving the generations that come after us an opportunity to shine their light on the world.  We see the products of inspiration everyday.  It is everywhere and always needed. When I look at St. Louis, I see a city in need of inspiration.  The Lou is a community with unlimited potential and youth that have been blessed and gifted with talents beyond measure.  The potential this city holds is raw and could be used to create a positive change that hasn’t been seen before across the city or even the country.  Much too often, I see the talent and potential of our youth cut short due to the environment and lack of opportunity. The violence and chaos that has developed in our city is destructive and prevents the growth of the community.  Together, we must strive to create a change for the ones that come after us. It is only right for us to pay it forward and leave behind an environment that makes it possible to prosper. We all have a voice and it’s on us to use it.  A community driven by positivity and inspiration is a powerful force. With that being said, I am challenging and calling on everybody in the St. Louis community to strive to create a culture of positivity, excellence, and unity all across the city.  Use your voice, use your talent, use your platform, and whatever else makes you unique to contribute to a bigger picture. It is time to shift the narrative and allow our city to shine. Don’t look for change, be the change. Let’s put on for the Lou.  Keep the faith and keep moving forward. MY CITY NEEDS ME! 


Join Ball4All to kick off the “MY CITY NEEDS ME” movement on January 26th at 2pm at the new Title Boxing Maplewood facility.  This event will feature a power hour (hour long boxing workout) in collaboration with Title Boxing. The goal of the event is to inspire unity and positivity in our community.  The event is open to the public and people of all different athletic backgrounds. All are welcome whether you are working out or not. Merchandise will be available at the event as well.  Come spread the positivity and help us fight for the city on January 26th! #MYCITYNEEDSME


Workout Fee: $15 a person or $10 each for a group/team of 8 or more.

*Proceeds to benefit the youth of St. Louis*

With LOVE,





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