...................Effort + Execution = Excellence..................

Tony was born and raised in Atlanta Georgia.  Tony developed his love for the game at a very eary age while attending a local boys club.  At the boys club he participated in many sports but basketball was always his first love.  He developed his game by playing with and against older players. 

Tony went on to play high school basketball at Russell High School in East Point where he was voted All District, All Region and All State as a Senior.  He accepted a scholarship to Middle Georgia Junior College where he was voted All State and All District Honors.  Another scholarship was then offered taking Tony on to the University of North Alabama where he was second on the team in scoring and first in rebounding, for a team that won the Division II National Championship. 

After Tony finished his collegiate career, his professional career began with the Atlanta Trojans of the USBL.  Tony then embarked on a successful 14 year career in Europe (1995-2009)


       While playing in these countries and working in schools, he gained much experience by teaching children the fundamentals of basketball and the importance of taking care of themselves.  This included health and fitness as well as building character, self motivation and self discipline, maintaining focus and ensuring a positive outlook at all times.

"The rewards are twofold - the ability to stop your opponent and to score.  To master the basic fundamentals of basketball creates a well rounded player both on and off the court and will set you apart from the rest!. 

The 3 E's are what I will teach...

                     EFFORT  +  EXECUTION  =  EXCELLENCE!!!"

Basketball Honors

       BBL League Runner Up                    - 2008-2009

       BBL National Cup Winner                 - 2008-2009

       BBL Play-Off RunnerUp                   - 2008-2009

       BBL Play-Off Champion                   - 2007-2008

       BBL League Runner Up                    - 2007-2008

       All BBL First Team                            - 2007-2008

       BBL National Trophy Winner             - 2007-2008

       BBL Play-Off Champion                    - 2006-2007

       BBL National Cup Finalist                 -  2006-2007

       Championship Runner-up                 - 1998-99, 1997-98

       Play-off Winner - 1999-2000 (MVP), - 1997-98 (MVP), 1995-96(MVP)    

       BBL Trophy Winner                           - 1998-99

       BBL Trophy Runner-up                      - 1999-2000

       National Cup Runner-up                     - 1999-2000

       Northern Conference Winner             - 1999-2000                

       French League Player of the year      - 2001-2002 (Voted by Coaches)

       French League Player of the year      - 2001-2002 (Voted by French Media)

      Named one of the Top 25 Players by FIBA (in the World outside of the NBA

      First Team All Israeli League               - 2000-2001

      League Player of the Year                   - 1999-2000, 1995-96

      League All-Star Team                          - 1999-2000, 1998-99, 1997-98,    

                                                                                         1996-97, 1995-96

      All-Star Game                                      - 1999-2000, 1998-99, 1997-98,

                                                                     1996-97, 1995-96  (MVP) 1994-95 Represented England in National (International) Team Competitions (15 Caps)